Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction

Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction: is a unique gel nail system specifically designed for toe nails. It's an extremely elastic UV gel which adapts to the movement of the toe. It was formulated to create a more aesthetically pleasing look to a nail.

Who might want a Wilde Pedique nail treatment?

  • Clients with fungal nails. The gel contains an anti fungal element so treats the fungal infection whilst creating a nice finish to the nail plate (May work best in conjunction with another anti fungal treatment)
  • Clients who have damaged their natural nail. Athletes commonly damage their nails due to the extra pressure put on the nail plate. The natural nail plate may have been completely lost or may have become thickened as a result. Injury / trauma to the nail plate may also cause loss or thickening of the nail and a prosthetic nail can be applied in the same way. For best results, some nail is recommended to attach the prosthetic nail to. Due to the gentle formulation of the gel, it can be applied to those who have lost the total nail plate but you may find it doesn't last as long as it would if attached to some nail.
  • Clients who have had a surgical procedure on their nail. The results of the procedure may have left you feeling self conscious with the new nail shape / look.

The Wilde Pedique reconstruction lasts on average 6 weeks and can be treated in the same way you would look after your natural toe nails. It can be filed, trimmed, polished with either standard polish or gel polish. Top up treatments may be required which will be discussed upon application.

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