Privacy Policy

At Perfect Podiatry we take privacy very seriously. This notice is designed to make it explicit as to what data we collect, why, who we intend to share it with when you attend an appointment at our clinic or make contact with us. This is to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018).

As part of our consultation, we are professionally and legally obliged to ask you for specific personal information which formulate your records of attendance. The information you will be asked for is your name, postal address, email address, telephone contact, medical information, GP information and payment information.

Why do you need this information?

This will formulate your records. We use this as part of the administration process of booking your appointments with us to provide you with excellent customer service. If you provide us with a mobile telephone number, we will use this to send you a text reminder 24 hours before your appointment. You can opt out of the text reminder however we would like to hold a telephone contact for you for general administration purposes. We obtain email information as part of marketing our business and send a monthly newsletter mainly detailing clinic dates and available appointment times. We may also include any new treatments or special offers we think may be of interest to you. You can opt out of this by not giving your email information to the podiatrist or if you opt in but change your mind, follow the link at the foot of any emails from us. Newsletters are facilitated by MailChimp.

Your records of attendance are stored as per the guidance from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). At present, Perfect Podiatry uses paper records which are stored in a lockable filing cabinet. The records may go taken out of store and brought to the place of your appointment. This is for continuity or record keeping and endeavour is take to maintain their security. Records are stored for varying lengths of times depending on your age. Podiatry records are normally required to be kept for 8 years after your treatment ceases. Any information stored from a purchase only from us will be kept for 6 years which is in line with tax legislation. Due to the legal requirement to keep medical records, if you do not want to give the required information, we cannot provide you with treatment. The “right to be forgotten” which is outlined in the GDPR is also not applicable as the professional and legal obligation to hold medical records for specific times supersedes the GDPR. The data controller for Perfect Podiatry is Lindsay Ward and can be contacted via the shop address / telephone detailed on the website. Our appointment diary is kept via a computer software program which stores names, address & telephone numbers, is password protected and backed up appropriately.

We use cookies to compile aggregate data from our website about its site traffic interactions in order to offer better site experiences. We use trusted third party services that track this information on our behalf. You can choose to have your computer earn you each time a cookie is sent or can choose to turn off cookies which can be done via your web browser.

Appointments can be booked via emails, telephone or via text. Emails and texts are viewed on mobile devices which are password protected. We do not encourage sensitive data to be sent to us in this way. For clients who have their appointments at home, name and telephone numbers of the client or next of kin may be stored on the podiatrists mobile telephone for her recognition of you when you call and for general administration purposes. The apple phone is backed up to iCloud which is may be based out of the EU and are therefore subject to their own privacy legislation.

Third parties.

Perfect Podiatry runs is clinics within Roberta Beauty Redefined. The staff at Roberta manage our bookings and therefore need access to the administrative data you have supplied such as name, address and telephone numbers. No medical data is shared with them and if they wish to send you their own marketing, they will ask you separately for your consent to do so.

As medical practitioners we are obliged to share data with the following agencies of something specific is brought to our attention; GP, Police, Social services. This will only be done without your consent in very specific cases such as if a crime was disclosed to us and is therefore in the public interest, or if we have safeguarding concerns. If we recommend referral to other medical professionals such as physiotherapist, surgeon etc we will ask consent to refer you before we do so.

We do not sell data. We do not transfer data out of the country.

Perfect a Podiatry have profiles on social media sites. We post regularly but do not collect any information from these posts. Facebook do provide us with insights on popularity of our posts but we receive no personal information from this. These third parties are also subject to being compliant to the GDPR and assure us that they are compliant. If you have any queries, please contact us.