Ingrowing Toe Nails

Ingrowing nails are those that have pierced & grown into the skin at the sides of the toe nail. They can be very painful & easily become infected and should not be ignored. They may or may not weep pus / blood. Professional advice should always be sought if you suspect you have an ingrowing nail. A podiatrist may be able to cut out the ingrowing piece of nail, or you may need a minor surgical procedure which is performed under local anaesthetic to remove. This depends of the severity of the problem.

If you think you have an ingrowing nail, you should always seek advice from a podiatrist. It may be you have an involuted (curling) nail which can be equally as painful. Or you could have a corn or a collection of dried skin at the side of your nail which can cause pain or discomfort. All of which can be treated by a podiatrist.

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